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Establish Family Traditions

Family Celebrations Template

Family traditions happen when practices and celebrations are regularly experienced together.  Take the chore out of planning your family celebrations by making a page for each occasion using this FREE Celebrations Template. Every year, use the same plan for consistency and familiarity that establishes a family tradition. Compile your pages to make your very own Family Celebrations Album.

Download Your FREE Celebrations Template

Preparations Column

This column in the Celebrations Template allows you to write down what you need to prepare before the day or season of celebration.

Celebration Column

This column in the Celebrations Template lets you write down the essentials for the actual day or season being celebrated.

Faith Elements

Space is provided to include sacraments, appropriate prayers, books, and stories for celebrating liturgical and church occasions.

Ready to get started?

Let Us Celebrate Life

Moments Together

Whether for national, liturgical or family special days, to celebrate is not just to remember a significant event in the past. Celebrating engages the whole person: mind, body, heart, and spirit. We eat particular foods like cake and ice cream, we sing, we give gifts, we play games, we invite friends, we dance, we take pictures, we reminisce and we pray. In making present a significant event of the past, we mark it by making a break from our ordinary routines and engage our whole person, usually with others in a gathering. It's a family and community affair.  

5 Reasons to Establish Family Faith Traditions

Holy days, feast days, and liturgical seasons give us special opportunities for our family

  • To grow together in deeper love for God and others 

  • To promote family values and foster family identity and unity  

  • To instill a Catholic culture at home and pass on the Faith  

  • To create beautiful family memories  

  • To help our children grow in faith, hope, and love  

  • Begin Your Family Traditions Today